Nick Ciliak

Hey there! I’m Nick, a front-end engineer & interactive designer. I design and code websites, apps, and digital products. My mission is to create above-and-beyond digital experiences that have a transformative impact on people’s lives. More about me

What I Do

Front-end development

Interactive design

Website design

User interface design


WordPress development

About me

I'm an interactive designer with a passion for designing and building things on the web. I've been making stuff for the internet since a young age, and I've come to realize that the way we design for screens has real impact on people's lives. That's why I care about doing things right: making stuff that looks good, works well, and has a positive impact.

I discovered my passion for the way things look and work at Grand Valley State University, where I earned my BFA in Graphic Design. I soon became engrossed in the intersection of design and code—the way they interact with and inform each other has enthralled me since.

I'm currently a front-end engineer at ActiveCampaign where I build the front end for our Conversations and SMS products. Before that, I was an Interactive Designer at Real Art in Chicago, IL, working on websites for consumer-facing brands. Previously I was a design intern at HAUS in Los Angeles, CA.

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